Gift Shop

One of our favorite treasures is the Olmsted Shop. You’ll feel right at home when you wander in and spend leisurely time walking around every new corner discovering a new curiosity. From candles to bees, plants to trinkets… and let’s not forget the regions best wines and seasonal produce! This is a place to get to know your neighbors, sample the freshest fruit and get to know our family of Olmsted staff at our flower plant shop.

Local produce

We love for you to get to know the region through our tasteful choices in local wares and produce and the stories, farmers and craftsmen who brought them to the Olmsted’s shop.



Have you ever thought ‘what should I get for that special someone?’. Well, we have the answer! Every corner of our unique shoppe is teaming with offerings for your husband, wife, child, budding gardener, mother (yes even the in-law-mother). You’ll discover treasures and trinkets and so much more. Be the surprise of any gift giving event with a unique one-of-a-kind from Olmsted’s flower plants and flower shop. If you just can’t decide – take away a gift certificate that will not expire and always delight!


Seasonal Produce

One of the most delightful experiences in the world is to sink your teeth and taste buds into fresh produce sourced in season, right from a farm in your region! Olmsted’s knows the area better than anyone and strives to bring you the freshest produce, delicious fancies and an array of treats and condiments for every budding chef to make that next meal shine!