Olmsted’s Landscaping experts integrate your home into its natural surroundings so beautifully it will beg the question; which came first? We can help you sort through our wide variety of landscaping plants and point out all the gems of our landscaping nursery that will shine in your project.

Olmsted’s Landscaping

To experience the unparalleled dedication of the Olmsted’s landscapers just start with a consultation and let them show you the magic of the land you are about to uncover. With over 35 years in Kitsap County, Olmsted’s landscaping services help you bring its natural beauty to light with native plants and hard to find gems.

We’ll craft a beautiful landscape design with your features, functionality and beauty in mind.

Our tireless team will take that vision to fruition, always working on time and on budget to reveal what your land promised.


We’ll integrate paths and walkways, irrigation systems, sod or hydro seed, retaining walls, accent rocks and fire pits, and any plants or trees your heart can imagine. Add water ponds or streams, bridges or canopies. Olmsted’s Landscaping service will bring your property to life!

A superbly landscaped property also adds value to your home, your neighborhood, your community and the environment.