Olmsted’s Nursery

Your land is alive and busy all year round, and so is Olmsted’s Nursery! We’re open 7 days a week bustling with in season plants and ideas!

Seasonal plants

Every season is a new opportunity to get to know your landscape better, and we’re here to help you in your discovery.


With a mesmerizing array of shrubs, trees, plants, seeds, perennials and flowers just perfect for where and when you are picking up your gardening gloves, Olmsted’s Nursery is your gardening partner.

Expert Landscaping

Our team of enthusiasts and experts is ready to talk! We’ll gladly show you around and brainstorm your next venture with you. And while you’re not looking, we’re still caring for all those plants day and night to make sure each one gets the attention it deserves until you’re ready to take one home.

They call it a nursery for a reason!


DIY Landscaping

Olmsted’s Nursery has been a part of our local landscapes for over 20 years and we love every garden, home and property we have touched.

Local, Native and Unusual Plants

You can count on Olmsted’s to bring you a wide variety of local, native or even hard to find varieties and we’ll give you all the tips you need to care for your new plant ‘family members’!

Plants, Trees & Shrubs

Before you take that beautiful new plant, tree or shrub home, you can count on the fact that we cared for it like it was our own. It will be ready to thrive and come alive wherever you plant it!

Rocks & Flagstone

Rock Garden

At Olmsted’s we know a garden is more than the sum total of its gorgeous plants and trees and so we pave the way for a magical experience with our unique selection of rocks and flagstone.

Boulders and River Rock

Every project is as unique as our customer and we love being able to offer unrivaled quality stone that will match your vision. We scour the country for the very best and bring you everything from Vermont Slate or Silver Mica from Utah, large slabs of irregular bluestone or cut stone steps. Boulders and river rock. Let us help you define your spaces the way you envision.

Stone Pathways and waterfront patios

Our experts are on deck to chat over your project and identify the materials that will set it apart. From a small stone pathway to a huge waterfront patio, Olmsted’s specializes in rocks and flagstone and will gladly provide you the guidance to get that job done well! We love our ‘do-it-yourself’ folks and we are also glad to be your ‘all-hands-on-deck’ advisors and installers! You’ve come to the right place, at Olmsted’s.