Great Ideas for your Beautiful Garden

Whether you’ve got a big bountiful backyard space or a treasured tiny terrace, you can still benefit from a beautiful and elegant garden. Your garden is your own slice of peace and quiet in an otherwise busy world, so it’s natural to want to enjoy it. We’ve collated some easy garden ideas so you can make the most of your outdoor space.

Frame Your Flowers

Create flower ‘frames’ by adding in structural shrubs like boxed or round hedges to the corners of your garden. The most successful gardens are often planned, so once you’ve decided on your framing shrubs and topiary, it’s time to choose which flowers you’d like as your centerpiece. We recommend using a select group of around seven different flower types to create a singular and harmonious effect in your garden.

Select A Strong Path

Selecting a strong path will be one of your best garden ideas. Your path is how you will be able to meander through your garden without treading on your freshly cut grass. Selecting a strong feature pathway like cobbled stone or large paving will help delineate your garden and create the perfect walkway for you to enjoy your setting. Accentuate your path with trellises adorned with creeping bright florals, and light your pathway with antique style lanterns to add an atmosphere to your journey.

Create A Seated Slice of Paradise

Much like your pathway, a practical yet pretty seating area is the perfect way to enjoy your slice of paradise in style. You might be ready to splash out on a summer house or want some covered tables and chairs to house your summer barbeques. Lay down some decking, gravel, pebbles, or even expand your pathway. Next, add tables and chairs with a unified color scheme to tie them all together.

Choose Garden Sculptures

Garden sculptures can genuinely bring out the character of your garden and allow you to capture the essence of your personality. Will you be using your topiary as a chance to exhibit some natural sculptures, or will you be investing in some outdoor art? Simple yet bold statement pieces can stand out in a garden while not detracting from the presentation of your flowers or coming across as too noisy.

Tasteful Trees

Using your trees as an exquisite border will avoid the additional shadow playing havoc with your grass and garden flowers. Why not pot smaller trees like olive trees to add that extra element of design, or use dwarf apple or bush trees for smaller spaces. Trees can provide a vital source of shade if you’re looking for a spot to escape the summer sun.

Use Natural Landscaping

You may initially consider leveling out slopes or terraces, but working with the natural landscape is also an excellent way to exhibit select shrubs and plants. Why not make the most of a natural slope by creating a staggered terrace, or planting larger hedges to enhance the different levels and creating attractive natural landscaping in your garden.

Establish Your Boundaries

Creating a unified fencing theme will ensure that your flowers, seating, and pathways are all tied together. Make the most of vertical planting by installing trellises in coordinating colors for your climbing vines. If you want to alternate the fencing and go for something different, making the most of complimentary colors will ensure that there is a cohesive link from one fence to the next.

Create A Rock Garden

Using local rocks and boulders to create a rock garden makes for a magical and restful space for you to enjoy all year round. Intersperse with water features and local stone so you can create a unique feature area in your garden. Want to include rock but don’t have space for a rock garden? Why not incorporate some local rock into your pathway or carve some natural stairs into your landscape.

At Olmsted’s Nursery, we’re on hand to supply you with all the plants and rocks you need to embark on some DIY landscaping, or we can help you install and create the garden of your dreams. Whether you need some ideas for your garden or already have your own top garden ideas, we’re here for you. Give us a call on 360-598-1802, visit us or fill out our handy contact form to see what Olmsted’s can do for you today.

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